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So, what exactly is Strategy?

Picture of sailing boat on West Coast of Scotland with title 'Strategy'

‘Strategy’ – one of those ‘big’ words, which can mean many different things to many different people.

You might be familiar with a certain type of ‘strategy’ – regularly delivered in a weighty document that’s rarely read from cover to cover, and often, doesn’t reflect the real state of the organisation.

So, if that’s the case, how will that strategy ever be realised? Many of you may still be scratching your heads on that one…

…which is why we do it in a different way. Thanks to our academic and commercial experience, we think we can make ‘strategy’ a little simpler to work with, and much more likely to work.

To give you a flavour of what we mean, we’d like to take you to the waters of the beautiful West Coast of Scotland to answer the question: “So, what is strategy?!” (No life jackets required).

To arrange a conversation, please contact us at hello@strategystory.co.uk.

Want to hear a little more? StrategyStory’s Professor Donald MacLean delivers our take on strategy in just under one minute (well done Donald!)

Donald delivers lectures, talks and sessions on strategy and storytelling at private and public events. If you’d like to hear more please contact us at hello@strategystory.co.uk

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4 thoughts on “So, what exactly is Strategy?

  1. Malcolm Maclean says:


  2. Very good. Clear and simple message.
    Trying to work out a strategy to help older folk in my Community, but it is not so easy.

  3. Driton Sahiti says:

    Great and inspirational Profesor

  4. Really appreciate you sharing this blog article. Really thank you! Fantastic. Babs Basilius Bron

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