real stories. real strategies.

We help businesses, organisations and communities:

- Create strategies that break new ground, and actually work
- Go through rapid and radical change
- Maximise engagement through an innovative new approach
- Develop strategic communication practices and digital skills

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We specialise in strategy, strategic management, transformation and 21st century storytelling.

Decades of peer-reviewed research underpins our development programmes.

We use innovative storytelling and research-driven expertise to help businesses, organisations, communities and regions develop their own distinctive and successful strategies.

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How do we do it?

We deliver our bespoke development programmes through:

Long-term partnerships with your business
Online courses and training
Workshops and seminars
Public speaking and events


Our development programmes:

For businesses, public organisations and SME networks

Strategic Management of Transformation
We take people and organisations through a structured and tested framework to drive and support transformation in times of rapid and radical change. We help to get everyone on board and build a 'storytelling' culture as part of this.
StrategyStory Live!
Creating strategies that actually work. This programme has been developed specifically to drive staff contribution to winning strategies that address real organisational challenges. Central to this is the role of modern storytelling and the development of digital storytelling skills.

For rural enterprises, creative businesses and communities

Red Squirrel
A tailored programme covering strategic development and management, digital storytelling and strategic communications. Designed for the bespoke needs of these organisations.

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Who are we?

StrategyStory is an exciting, creative company breathing new life into business development.  Founded by Professor Donald MacLean and Kate Hooper, it has grown quickly and now benefits from a team of experts straddling business, research, arts and the media. It is a gamechanger.

Please email to arrange a 1-2-1 conversation


Our rough cut: a demonstration of us using video and audio to work out our offering back in 2017 when the business launched.

From this point we have worked with Government, communities, the University of Harvard and have a client base that ranges from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to Australia.

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