“Strategy is not an abstract plan.
It is a living breathing story.”

Professor Donald MacLean

Around three quarters of strategies fail because the
methods are out of date and nobody cares.

Good strategizing should ignite passions, involve people, and
link the past, present and future.

Storytelling has done this successfully for millennia.


We help you create
strategies that…

  • Make people passionate about strategy
  • Create ownership through involvement
  • Put communication at the heart of the process
  • Promote initiative and self-organization

Story Telling

We use the art of modern
storytelling to renew the
craft of strategy

  • Our unique method and exciting events put the soul back into strategizing.
  • We turn the stories and aspiration of your people into compelling strategic content.

Based on decades ofAward-Winning

international research

we empower and enthuse your people by
democratising strategy.


some of what we do:


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StrategyStory consultancy enables and supports transformational strategy for your people, you, and your business. We create StrategyStories that involve, excite and empower.

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Donald exemplified that by gathering ideas and stories of our members and weaving them into a thread shows how the organisation can be made whole again.'
Marga Biller, School of Graduate Education, Harvard University
State of the art thinking
Kate Buell-Armstrong,founder of confused.com and The Admiral Group
StrategyStory’s approach is refreshing and really resonated with my team when we were testing and refining our strategy. As we began to tell our stories we found, to our mutual surprise, we didn’t all know them; and if we don’t then why should we expect others to be better informed? We came away with new ideas, lots to think about and opportunities we might not have otherwise found.
Neil Kermode,Managing Director, The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Limited