Why Highland? Why not?!

Fishing creel in Uist

We’re a Highlands and Islands business with an international outlook. We share our process and learn with our clients across the world. We work with a wide range of partners and clients – community development projects on our doorstep, partners as far away as Australia, government organisations and universities within the UK and beyond.

The Highlands and Islands holds dear many of the qualities that help to inspire great strategies. Find out why our home is so important to us:

An entrepreneurial, creative place
Rural regions are entrepreneurial. They have to be. Our location helps foster an entrepreneurial and ‘can do’ approach to business, while being a fantastic, inspiring location to host our creative enterprises.

Donald MacLean on beach in Uist
A land to inspire

Community focussed
The region is also home to a variety of exciting, community-inspired business models that, we believe, set an example for great business practice across the world.

We care about community and business development. Find out a little more about what we do here.

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