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Dialogue, and the three D’s of Communication.

A thought around the significance of good dialogue

Ideas, stories and good communication are our bread and butter at Strategy Story. Good ideas and good stories have much in common. They’re for sharing – so they draw us together; forge connections; fire our imaginations and create new possibilities with and for each other.

The idea at the heart of this wee story is about good communication and ‘three D’s’ of communication. Every ‘D’ has its role but we’re particularly drawn to Dialogue. This story is as simple as it is powerful. It changed our lives and has probably changed many. Given some breathing space, it could change more. We share it in that spirit – just as it was shared with us by a friend and colleague in the late 1990s when Donald and Robert were running the Complexity Research Network at the University of Glasgow. And we share it now because so many people, businesses, organisations and communities are searching for new possibilities in particularly challenging times.

P.S. If you can help us locate the origin of the idea, please do! An online search revealed some papers based on it, but as the conversation in our story predates the ones we’ve seen the idea’s origins remain uncertain. In the meantime, thanks to whoever came up with it – and, of course, to our friend for sharing it.

Donald delivers lectures, talks and sessions on strategy and storytelling at private and public events. If you’d like to hear more please contact us at hello@strategystory.co.uk

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