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What is StrategyStory?

Donald interviewing a contributor as part of a StrategyStory project

To answer that, the best place to start is to listen to what some of the people we know and work with have to say about us:

To put it simply, we’re a strategy consultancy with a difference.

A moment to listen and reflect. Teams listening back to programmes they have created with StrategyStory about their organisation.

The difference is that we use storytelling methods as a way to bring people into the strategy development process, ensuring everyone has a voice – and some ownership – of the strategy. This also ensures that strategy is enriched by the contributions of people who make it happen.

So, better strategy, better ownership, better results.

Why is audio and video so important to us?

We have a background in both strategy and programme-making. We know and understand that the airing of views and stories can enrich strategy, create impact and lead to positive change. This is particularly true when the stories have strategies running through them. 

We know that there are a lot of people out there who feel their voices aren’t heard. In the world of work, this can lead to frustration and negativity,  and a lack of buy-in to partly-informed strategies.

Our story methods give people the chance to contribute their ideas, stories and views to any developing plans and strategic actions. The methods give folk a chance to be listened to, while becoming part of the organisation’s overall strategystory.

Professor Donald MacLean hosting a StrategyStory workshop
Professor Donald MacLean hosting a StrategyStory workshop

StrategyStory specialises in strategy and digital storytelling through video and audio production. We use technology that most of us have at our fingertips, such as smartphones. Our storytelling experience draws from the world of journalism and programme-making.

If you’re interested in building capacity in these areas for your team, business or community organisation then please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!