Welcome to our experimental laboratory!

We believe that an experimental mindset is essential to drive development and innovation.

We also believe that poetry and art – and the arts more generally - enrich life and work, and that reconnecting with our own creativity can help us in many ways.

In our fast-paced world of mass-media and increasing to-do lists, we think it’s important to take a little time out to bring a bit of the beauty of life back into our realities.

So here we share with you some of the fruits of our experimentation from StrategyStory’s Skunkworks.

We hope you enjoy, and if you’re interested in collaboration, then please contact us:

Poetry collaboration for Glasgow Royal Mod 2019

A collaboration with Mary Ann Kennedy and Nick Turner from Watercolour Music

Performed live at the Glasgow Royal Mod, 2019, Lorg Ghlaschu featured a musical gathering collated by Mary Ann and celebrating Glasgow's Gaelic place names, history and people.

Cathkin Braes features a soundscape from Nick with words and voice from Mary Ann and Donald.

"Prof. Donald MacLean, business guru, Gaelic chorister and geo-poet, has contributed a specially written poem for the finale, drawing people and place, rural and urban together, while Mary Ann’s poetic litany marks the city’s story through its names of place. The highest point in Glasgow, Cathkin Braes, affords magnificent views of the whole city, showing its green spaces and waterways in all their glory. Appropriate that this city spiris should have its name rooted in Gaelic as ‘common ground’. The Search for the Dear Green Place is complete – it is everywhere in the city, and it belongs to us all."
(Extract from programme notes)

Highland Clearance Poetry series

A poetry/music collaboration between musician, Finlay Wells and Donald.

The music and poems are centred on the enduring but challenging relationships between people and place. Inspired by the Highland Clearances, they were produced experimentally - via the traditional Bardic practice of first absorbing and second expressing the ‘spirit' of a place back to its people.