We believe that an experimental mindset is essential to drive development and innovation.

We also believe that poetry and art – and the arts more generally - enrich life and work, and that reconnecting with our own creativity can help us in many ways.

In our fast-paced world of mass-media and increasing to-do lists, we think it’s important to take a little time out to bring a bit of the beauty of life back into our realities.

So here we share with you some of the fruits of our experimentation from StrategyStory’s Skunkworks.

We hope you enjoy, and if you’re interested in collaboration, then please contact us:

Highland Clearance Poetry series

A poetry/music collaboration between musician, Finlay Wells and Donald.

The music and poems are centred on the enduring but challenging relationships between people and place. Inspired by the Highland Clearances, they were produced experimentally - via the traditional Bardic practice of first absorbing and second expressing the ‘spirit' of a place back to its people.