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2nd edition of ‘Strategists at Work’ available now

...and the first chapter of the new edition is available here!

“If you are compelled to learn more about strategy in our complex, interconnected, digital world and to identify ways in which you are more likely to deliver successful outcomes – then Strategists at Work is a great read.”
Roisin Currie, Chief Executive Officer, Greggs PLC.

StrategyStory is excited to let you know that the second edition of Strategists at Work is now available.

Co-authored by StrategyStory’s Professor Donald MacLean and our brilliant friends and associates Professor Robert MacIntosh and Craig Robinson the book shares what strategists need to do to develop impactful, successful strategy. Central to all of this, of course, is the role of storytelling in strategy, which the book explores and features a chapter co-authored with StrategyStory’s Kate Hooper on the significance of story. We even share the StrategyStory method. (Yes, we are giving away our secrets!)

Eilean Donan castle in background with words: A strategy with a story turns wishbone into backbone. Prof Donald MacLean.


Strategists at Work is packed with insightful stories from business leaders as well as tools, ideas and methods developed from the authors’ learnings from over two decades of experience working with a myriad of organisations.

You can purchase hardback here and paperback here.

“…a fantastic book. Both refreshingly simple and complex at the same time. The authors manage to combine straightforward, practical advice on how to craft strategy with accessible theoretical insights on
the social dynamics of strategy work. This second edition includes lots of updated examples and a great new chapter on storytelling, showing that a robust, coherent, logical strategy on its own is nothing without a storytelling culture that promotes
that strategy.”
David Seidl, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Professor Donald MacLean, Kate Buell-Armstrong, Adam Gee, Professor Robert MacIntosh at the Strategic Management Society Conference
Co-authors Prof Donald MacLean, Prof Robert MacIntosh and Kate Hooper at last year’s Strategic Management Society conference with confused.com founder, Kate Buell Armstrong and BAFTA-winning commissioning editor/producer, Adam Gee.

“In this eminently readable book, MacIntosh, MacLean and Robinson summarize, integrate and apply all the major theoretical frameworks in strategic management, before demonstrating how these frameworks are actually used. In doing so, they allow the reader to learn from the experts themselves – the practicing strategic managers of the business world.”
Jay Barney, University of Utah, USA

You can access the first chapter here

We hope you enjoy!


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