Real Stories. Real Strategies.

We help you make the most of your opportunities by putting people, and their stories, at the heart of compelling strategies.

Stories shape strategy.

For us, stories inform strategy development by giving a real picture of what is – or isn’t – happening. Our content (your vision and strategy) is created by the people who make it happen: the people in, and around your organisation or community.

How it works.

Using our pioneering StrategyStory method, we work in long-term partnerships with organisations. We also deliver shorter workshops and training in Strategy and Story.

Listen to what we do

Doing consultation differently.

People from Uist tell us what they need as part of our work for the National Council of Rural Advisers.

Helping voices be heard through grassroots development:

Scottish government employees using StrategyStory process
Story shaping strategy

Your voices matter

Our bespoke strategy development process gives voice to people across your organisation or community.

A new take on strategy

In capturing views of stakeholders delivered through audio and visual content we have been given the ability to capture imagination and belief in an entirely different way.
Alison Milne Co-Chair: National Council of Rural Advisers

Our 'Strategy-live' process is designed to help you engage others in your strategy development.  Our videos, audio files and other documents capture your aspirations and challenges in plain language and real voices.

Our editing and production processes involve everyone in the creation of your strategy.

Using technology at your fingertips

Using modern journalism and production techniques, together with everyday technology, we work with you to highlight your business or community challenges and opportunities.

Strategic expertise

StrategyStory's foundation is rooted in over two decades of work and research in the field of Strategy across private, public and academic arenas.

Our process has developed from pioneering, internationally recognised research in strategic management combined with expertise in professional journalism and programme-making.



Front cover of Strategic Management: Strategists at Work

Cutting edge Strategy

“A tour d’force. Strategists at Work is a practical, step-by-step guide to creating strategies and then shifting them when they hit real-life.
Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Stanford University

“State of the art thinking”
Kate Buell-Armstrong, founder of and The Admiral Group

“Nothing Short of strategic brilliance”
Ian I Mitroff, Professor Emeritus, University of Southern Carolina