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Turn your business into a brilliant story

Turn your business into a brilliant story

It’s so true that good strategic communication has storytelling at its heart; that good stories can land with our external audiences in ways that kindle interest, fire the imagination, forge lasting impressions and draw them in closer.

But, you may be asking, why is this train of thought coming from a strategy consultancy?

Breathe new life into your business with good storytelling
Well, have you ever wondered why it is that we often connect with our external audiences through story, yet, internally, we transmit plans, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations and the like? What would happen if the focus of our internal communications was a great story? A story that we have created together: a story of who we are, why we’re doing what we’re doing, where we’re headed, and how. A story that draws out the characters, plot-lines, tensions, challenges, surprises and results or our businesses.

And, what makes this story a good story? For us, it’s quite simple…

Create the inward story before turning outwards
We find that the power of storytelling can reach even greater levels when it turns inwards (into the business) before turning outwards (to our external audiences).

So just imagine…
Imagine everyone in your business excited and happy to play their part in your living, breathing story. Imagine that your internal audience could be the key to stimulating your external audience. Imagine both audiences connected by the same story. Each being part of something beyond themselves. Something shared. Something unique. Something that unites rather than divides. Something that matters. Something that makes the game worth playing…or even something gamechanging.

That’s why strategy and story belong together. They always have, and they always will.

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StrategyStory supports businesses to develop strategies that work. This means strategy as collective action rather than a dusty document. We deliver through partnership programmes, online learning, workshops, seminars and public speaking. We deliver lectures, talks and sessions on strategy and storytelling at private and public events.

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