Wasps, Inverness Creative Academy, Midmills Building, Stephen's St, Inverness, IV2 3JP

A Highland story. An international strategy.

We respect our Highland traditions, and aim to create international futures.

So, why is our rural location important to us?
It’s no accident that StrategyStory was born in the beautiful Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Our home and location is so significant to our business and the impact it delivers for our clients – both on our doorstep and on the other side of the globe.


Filming in Glenfinnan

Oral storytelling and Bardic Culture
A land of poetry, Bards and stories, our region is steeped in tradition. These traditions brought people together and created a sense of community and belonging.

We draw from these oral storytelling practices to bring positive change to modern businesses, communities and organisations across the world. We believe they are essential to our specialism of emergent strategy:

Harvard University’s Learning Innovation Lab research artist Sue Borchardt summed up our approach in an animation. Watch the whole video, or scroll to 4’10 to hear more on the influence of Bardic Culture.

There’s so much to our Highland story. Too much for just one blog post. Find out more in Why Highland? Why not?!

As we say in the Highlands, we like to ‘blether’ (or talk!). If you’d like to find out more please just drop us a line: hello@strategystory.co.uk

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