Diane Murray
Diane Murray profile pic
Diane Murray works with business partner Claire Macleod running their digital marketing
business Orbit Agency in Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides.
StrategyStory and Orbit Agency have a long standing partnership which sees the two
A digital marketing expert, Diane works in depth with business clients across a range of sectors
coaching them on best use and application of all social media platforms. Diane’s experience in
social media and digital marketing spans over 20 years, from working with Eolas on website
development, several years of outsourced social media content strategy work for
various clients and delivering one to many workshops and one to one support on
national DigitalBoost contracts developing digital marketing strategies for businesses in
the Outer Hebrides.
Claire and Diane launched their latest business venture “Shine Business” during 2020, a
fully digital business support membership serving the hair and beauty sector.