Claire MacLeod
Claire MacLeod profile pic
Based in Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides, Claire works with business partner Diane
Murray running their digital marketing business Orbit Agency. Claire works with small
business clients in developing both their business development activities through digital
marketing strategies and assisting with their people management activities through her
HR Advisory experience.
StrategyStory and Orbit Agency have a long standing partnership which sees the two
Claire’s experience in both marketing and human resource management roles comes
from private sector employment working for shipping management agency Acomarit,
accountancy firm Deloitte, solicitors Stronachs, and engineering services business
Norco. Claire has been self employed in the Outer Hebrides since 2009 and brings first-
hand experience of starting and developing a small business in a rural environment and
bringing support to small business owners.
Claire and Diane launched their latest business venture “Shine Business” during 2020, a
fully digital business support membership serving the hair and beauty sector.